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Ingredients: Organic hemp seed oil, hemp extract

What are people saying about KittyCalm CBD?

testimonial photo of Jamie with her cat

“I couldn’t believe how quickly and positively my 15-year-old cat reacted to KittyCalm! She had been slow to get up and move for months, and now she’s got so much energy. Who knew CBD could be so powerful!”

– Jamie B.

testimonial photo of Sara with her cat

“My cat has been anxious for years. She has been known to hiss at people and wet on my floor when she’s frustrated or frazzled. KittyCalm has really helped me turn things around. I recommend it to anyone.”

– Sara P.

testimonial photo of Tom with his cat

“I had to take my 5-year-old cat across country by car and was worried he would freak out. My friend told me about KittyCalm, and I was so relieved at what a difference it made. The trip was very enjoyable — and now my cat takes KittyCalm everyday. I can see it makes a huge difference in the way he feels.”

– Tom K.

Why do cats want KittyCalm CBD?

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Reduces inflammation

KittyCalm CBD icon of cat playing with yarn

Soothes Joint & Muscle Pain

KittyCalm CBD icon of cat wearing sunglasses

Promotes Relaxation

KittyCalm CBD icon of happy cat laying on the ground

Eases Anxiety

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